The school uniform is compulsory for all the students attending the Pre-Primary, the Primary and High School.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: Grey Uniform
Wednesday and Saturday: White Uniform
Friday: Track Suit
No Tie / Belt for Nursery Section
Blazer is compulsory for classes VI to X.


Students are advised to get at least three sets of colored uniforms in addition to one set of white uniform.
The school neck-tie and the School belt are supplied by the school on payment of their cost by the students.
All students except those in nursery class should come to the school daily in freshly laundered uniform with clean socks and well polished black shoes.
Any student who comes to the school in a slovenly condition, with dirty clothes and shoes and long hair will be excluded from class or sent home. If a student continues this practice he/she will be removed from the school.

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